Information Technology

From the very phones we use to take calls from the public, to sophisticated data links to state, national, and international stores of fugitive and criminal history intelligence, information technology has driven tremendous changes recently in every aspect of law enforcement.

Additionally, the state and federal requirements for record retention and archiving has resulted in all law enforcement agencies adopting electronic means for storing and guarding the security of information. As we constantly adapt, the maintenance, research, and development of our technology systems has necessitated a full time staff.

Our mission is to design, implement, and maintain our communications equipment, network, workstations, mobile data terminals, servers, mobile command center, and all of their respective software programs. Additionally, the IT staff serves as liaisons with the Alabama Criminal Justice Information System, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Emergency Management Agency, striving to achieve enhanced readiness in training and deployment.

Paul Cain serves as the IT Director and Agency Information Security Officer. Ross Hargrove serves as the Network Manager and Support Manager. Both are career officers with advanced training in information technology and its applications to criminal justice and record retention, as well as numerous other software applications.

Paul Cain, IT Director/Webmaster

Ross Hargrove, IT Network Manager