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  • Elkmont man arrested, faces multiple charges for counterfeiting
    Posted: Jan 4,2018 12:58:32 PM
    January 4 – Limestone County Sheriff’s investigators arrested an Elkmont man Wednesday for possession of 21 counterfeit bills and two printers used for printing them. Adam Troy Chambers, 31, is charged with 21 counts of Possession of a Forged Instrument 1st Degree and two counts of Possession of a Forgery Device. He is held in the Limestone County Jail on $110,000 bond. Narcotics investigators Jamie King and Anthony Bruno, who had received information that Chambers was printing counterfeit money in his motel room, stopped him in a Dodge truck on Highway 31 in Athens. Chambers agreed to investigators’ request to take them to his motel room, where they established probable cause for a search warrant. During the search of the room, they found two printers used to print counterfeit $20 bills, thirteen counterfeit $20 bills, and other items used in the counterfeiting process. Investigator Caleb Durden interviewed Chambers at the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office, where he recovered eight more counterfeit $20 bills from Chambers’ person.

  • One skybox is available for your organization with 6 reserved seats and advertisement at the Sheriff's Rodeo Arena all year! Click for information...
    Posted: Apr 19,2017 12:20:31 PM
    The Sheriff's Rodeo Arena has one remaining skybox available for your organization to rent in 2017! The skybox is a covered, elevated seating area with six reserved seats, and it overlooks the arena. We will provide a sign on the front of the skybox advertising your organization. The arena is home to the Limestone Sheriff's Rodeo, held May 19-20 this year, as well as other events throughout the year! Your skybox will be reserved for you and display your sign for all events. The cost for the skybox is $650. Please contact Paul Cain or Sheriff Mike Blakely at 256-232-0111 for more information.

  • Click on the "Buy Tickets Now" button under the Sheriff's Rodeo image above to buy advance 2017 Rodeo tickets online!
    Posted: Apr 12,2017 07:13:49 PM

  • Sheriff Mike Blakely Announces Upgrades to Rodeo Arena Facilities and Introduces 2017 Rodeo!
    Posted: Feb 21,2017 09:31:19 AM
    Sheriff Blakely is proud to announce the replacement of the existing wooden bleachers with new aluminum bleachers and walkways on the west side of the rodeo arena, as well as the expansion of the arena grounds to include a newly constructed firing range for law enforcement training!

    The bleachers were replaced over the past few months, and the firing range is nearing completion. The property for the range, approximately one acre located at the northeast corner of the arena facility, was purchased for its construction with rodeo funds.

    Eventually, Blakely also plans to replace the remaining wooden bleachers with new aluminum ones. “We are constantly upgrading the arena facilities to provide the best venue possible for entertainment, education and training,” he said. “Proceeds from the rodeo will help us offset the cost of the upgrades, and we are looking for sponsors to help with funding as well.”

    The 2017 Limestone Sheriff’s Rodeo will be the 35th annual rodeo hosted by Sheriff Blakely. It will be held Friday, May 20 and Saturday, May 21. As a new feature this year, advance rodeo tickets can be purchased online beginning March 1st at or on the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office FaceBook page (look for the “early bird special” discounts)!

    Advance tickets can also be purchased at Preston’s Western Wear or Limestone County Sheriff’s Office in Athens.

    Anyone interested in sponsoring rodeo events can contact Paul Cain or Sheriff Blakely at 256-232-0111. The Limestone Sheriff’s Rodeo is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

  • Investigators find over half a pound of "ice" methamphetamine on Limestone County woman after suspected drug deal
    Posted: Sep 23,2016 04:05:16 PM
    September 21 – Investigators arrested a Limestone County woman Tuesday after finding over half a pound of methamphetamine in her vehicle. Heather Nicole Legg, 24, of Lester was charged with Drug Trafficking and booked in the Limestone County Jail, where she is currently held. Bond has not been set at the time of this release. Narcotics investigators observed what appeared to be a drug transaction taking place last night between Legg and another suspect at an Athens motel. They watched afterward as Legg drove an SUV to a local gas station then attempted to flee when she noticed several law enforcement vehicles. Deputies confronted her in the parking lot about her suspicious activity. Legg gave consent to search the vehicle, and investigators found six bags of “ice” methamphetamine weighing approximately 8.5 ounces. The street value of 8.5 ounces of “ice” meth is approximately $9000.

  • Two Athens men arrested for theft of boat trailer
    Posted: Jul 20,2016 02:58:32 PM
    July 20 – Two Athens men were arrested Tuesday for theft of a boat trailer. Darrell Eugene Adams, 50, and Sean Heath DeVaney, 40, are both charged with Theft 1st Degree. Both men have been released from the Limestone County Jail on $5000 bond. The trailer had been reported stolen on May 30 from a residence on Snake Road. It was found later at Adams’ residence (also on Snake Road). When investigators spoke to Adams, he requested to have his friend (DeVaney) present to corroborate his story. Both said a random person named Brandon had stopped and asked if he could leave the trailer at Adams’ residence while he went to get parts, but their accounts quickly became conflicting. They later admitted they had driven to the victim’s residence and taken the trailer. The boat trailer was valued at $7000. The VIN number was in the process of being altered when it was discovered.

  • Two arrests made in connection with forgery of 31 checks, theft
    Posted: Jul 20,2016 02:56:58 PM
    July 13 – An Athens woman and a Madison man were arrested Tuesday by investigators in connection with the forgery of 31 checks and theft of property. Heather Colwell, 31, faces 31 counts of Forgery 3rd Degree and one count of Theft 3rd Degree. She is currently held in the Limestone County Jail on $48,000 bond. Colwell is accused of forging 31 checks that belonged to a family member, as well as taking tools and other property valued at $895 from the victim and pawning some of the property. Garrett Fairley, 28, who is charged with 6 counts of Possession of a Forged Instrument 3rd Degree for allegedly cashing six of the checks, has been released from the Limestone County Jail on $9000 bond. The checks were used at a convenience store in Ardmore and two credit union locations in Athens.

  • Teen dies after accidental shooting
    Posted: Jul 7,2016 10:56:29 AM
    July 6 – A 17-year old juvenile has died after a tragic accidental shooting on Highway 251 in Toney this afternoon. Investigators determined that the boy accidentally shot himself one time while playing with a handgun in his residence, which is located in the 25000 block of Highway 251. He was pronounced dead at the scene. No further information is available at this time.

  • 47 crack rocks, other drugs found in Athens residence as deputies executed search warrant
    Posted: Jul 7,2016 10:55:00 AM
    July 5 – An Athens man faces several drug charges after deputies discovered 47 “crack rocks” of cocaine totaling 12.5 grams, a baggie containing 0.4 grams of cocaine powder, and a small amount of marijuana during a residential search warrant this morning. Brandon Mosley, 24, is charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Distribute, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Illegal Possession of Marijuana 2nd Degree. He is currently held in the Limestone County Jail on $13,500 bond. Narcotics investigators had obtained the warrant for the residence on Brownsferry Street in Athens. In addition to the items listed above, they also found a white pasty substance in the plumbing under a bathroom sink that is believed to be cocaine that Mosley attempted to destroy before trying to run out of the house.

  • Athens man arrested for soliciting a child on the internet
    Posted: Jul 7,2016 10:53:17 AM
    June 30 – A 55-year old Athens man was arrested today after investigators discovered he had set up an account posing as a teen on an online dating app, and had solicited a 15-year old girl from Georgia for nude photographs and sex acts. Norman Stewart Brown is charged with Electronic Solicitation of a Child. He has been released from the Limestone County Jail on $10,000 bond. The victim’s family became suspicious after reading explicit communications between the victim and a person she had met on the app. They came to Limestone County to file a report, triggering the investigation.

  • 73-year old charged for Sexual Abuse of a Child Under 12
    Posted: Jul 7,2016 10:51:25 AM
    June 30 – A 73-year old Tanner man was arrested today after an investigation determined he had sexual contact with a four-year old girl. Jimmy Messer is charged with two counts of Sexual Abuse of a Child Under 12 Years Old. He has been released from the Limestone County Jail on $60,000 bond. Messer and the victim are related.

  • Athens woman charged with rape allegedly had sex with fourteen-year old
    Posted: Jul 7,2016 10:48:46 AM
    June 23 – Investigators arrested an Athens woman yesterday for allegedly having sex with a fourteen-year old boy. Bailee Elise White, 25, is charged with Rape 2nd Degree. She was released from the Limestone County Jail on $15,000 bond. The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office received a report alleging the offense occurred two years ago at the home of the victim, whose family knew White. An investigation was conducted and White was arrested upon probable cause.

  • Athens man arrested for selling counterfeit silver coins to elderly man
    Posted: Jul 7,2016 10:47:14 AM
    June 23 – Investigators arrested an Athens man Tuesday for selling counterfeit silver coins to an elderly man. Tyler Lee Morris, 19, was charged with Theft by Deception 2nd Degree and booked into the Limestone County Jail. He has been released on $2500 bond. Morris had given the victim a false name during the transaction. The victim, who paid $1700 for the coins, had them tested and called Morris to confront him. Morris then told him he had the wrong number. Investigators determined Morris’ identity and the victim was able to pick him out of a lineup. Morris was then interviewed and admitted to the transaction. Morris had told the victim he needed to sell the coins to pay for college. However, he used the money instead to go with friends to Panama City.

  • Family altercation leads to stabbing
    Posted: Jul 7,2016 10:46:04 AM
    June 20 – An Athens man was arrested Sunday morning after a domestic altercation that resulted in one man being treated for a stab wound. James Aaron Underwood is charged with DV Assault 2nd, and is currently held in the Limestone County Jail on $20,000 bond. Investigators responded to the scene on Poplar Point Road early Sunday morning after deputies had arrived. The victim, who is related to the suspect, was transported for medical treatment with a non-life-threatening injury.

  • Deputies find dangerous drug fentanyl disguised as Xanax during traffic stop
    Posted: Jul 7,2016 10:44:06 AM
    June 20 – An Elkmont man was arrested for Drug Trafficking after deputies found 78 “false” Xanax bars containing the deadly opioid fentanyl today during a traffic stop. Joshua Molt, 25, is charged with Drug Trafficking and Illegal Possession of Marijuana 2nd Degree. He is currently in the Limestone County Jail and bond has not been set at this time. Early this afternoon, a deputy observed a van driving erratically near the intersection of Mooresville Road and Thach Road. After stopping the vehicle, the deputy observed suspicious odors and several other indications that the driver was under the influence of some kind of substance. Inside the vehicle the deputy located an unmarked bottle containing 78 pills (13.52 grams total) that appeared to be Xanax bars, as well as a bottle containing 3.5 grams of marijuana. However, the markings and thickness of the pills were slightly inconsistent with those of Xanax bars, so narcotics investigators were contacted for assistance. Investigators tested the pills in a controlled environment and determined them to contain fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is very lethal even in small doses. It is known to be 80 to 100 times more potent than morphine, and 40 to 50 times more potent than 100% pure heroin. It can be absorbed through ingestion, breathing, or skin contact.

  • Woman arrested for forging district attorney's signature to clear her name with employer
    Posted: Jul 7,2016 10:41:56 AM
    June 15 – An Athens woman was booked into the Limestone County Jail Tuesday after an investigation determined she had sent a forged document on reproduced D.A.’s Office letterhead to her employer confirming her outstanding warrants were recalled, when the warrants were still active. Melanie Renae Farmer, 43, faces charges of Forgery 2nd Degree and Criminal Impersonation. She is held in the Limestone County Jail on $3500 bond. The Limestone County District Attorney’s Office contacted investigators on June 1, after being notified that the company had received this document, which the D.A.’s Office had not sent. Investigators obtained warrants for Farmer’s arrest, and she was arrested and held in the Los Angeles County Jail in California before being extradited to Limestone County.

  • Woman entrusted with Girl Scout fund arrested for theft after money found missing from account
    Posted: Jun 13,2016 09:21:26 AM
    June 6 – An Athens woman was arrested Sunday for taking $1100 that belonged to a Girl Scout cookie fund she managed. Dusty Stewart, 35, is charged with Theft 3rd. She has been released from the Limestone County Jail on $1500 bond. An area manager with the Girl Scouts of America reported the money missing from the Troop 379 account on May 12. Stewart spoke to investigators on May 20, advising she was aware of the money missing. The manager decided to give Stewart an opportunity to repay the money; however, after Stewart had made no effort to do so after two weeks, a warrant was obtained for her arrest Friday. Deputies arrested her two days later.

  • Residential burglary leads investigators to Elkmont man, who is also charged for taking cash collected by leukemia patient for St. Jude
    Posted: Jun 13,2016 09:19:15 AM
    May 18 – Investigators arrested an Elkmont man yesterday for the April 27 burglary of the residence where over $1000 in cash and checks that was designated to be donated to St. Jude was taken. William Cody Clark, 22, faces two counts of Burglary 3rd Degree and has been released from the Limestone County Jail on $5000 bond. The arrest is the result of an investigation from another residential burglary that occurred May 11 on J.B. Magnusson Drive in Toney, for which Clark is also charged. The victim of that burglary reported that a safe, firearms, cash, jewelry and electronics were taken from the residence. During the investigation, it was discovered that Clark had pawned some of the missing items. After investigators interviewed Clark, they were able to recover some of the property at his residence. Clark stated that other items had already been sold or destroyed. The investigation further determined that Clark had also committed the April burglary on Holt Road at the residence of the Paysinger family, where money that was being collected by a young leukemia patient for St. Jude was stolen. Clark said he spent the cash from both burglaries on drugs and burned the checks.

  • Investigators seek information leading to suspect in RV theft
    Posted: Jun 13,2016 09:14:14 AM
    May 12 – Limestone County sheriff’s investigators are looking for a man in connection with the theft of a camper trailer that occurred last Thursday. A 25’ Freedom Spirit camper trailer was taken from a Limestone County storage facility by a man driving a 2000 to 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe with the front end of a 2004 to 2006 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. The Tahoe is burgundy in color; the front end has a black hood and passenger fender and a gray driver side fender. Anyone with information should contact the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office at 256-232-0111.

  • Limestone Sheriff's Rodeo Week kicks of this Saturday, May 14 with the Rodeo Parade!
    Posted: May 13,2016 01:36:49 PM
    May 10 – Limestone County Sheriff’s Rodeo week begins this Saturday, May 14! The Rodeo Parade, featuring Grand Marshal Allen Craig, kicks off rodeo week at the Limestone Sheriff’s Arena on Highway 99 starting at 11:00 AM (lineup begins at 10:00 AM). The parade route begins southbound on Highway 99 to Market Street, then east to Jefferson Street, north to Elm Street, then west, returning to the arena. Rodeo week continues Tuesday, May 17 with the Street Dance and Fashion Show on the Square beginning at 6:00 PM and featuring Jeff Whitlow & the Old Barn Band! The main rodeo performances will take place Friday and Saturday evenings, May 20 and 21 (gates open at 6:00 PM, events begin at 8:00 PM). Tickets will be $15 at the gate for adults (children 12 and under $10). Advance tickets can be purchased for $10 (children 12 and under $8) at the following locations: Limestone County Sheriff’s Office (Athens) Preston’s Western Wear (Athens) West End Chevron & Outdoors (Athens) Jiffy Mart #1 and #2 (Athens) Adams Western Wear & Feed (Ardmore) True Discount (Ardmore, TN) Warren’s BP (Rogersville)

  • Investigators arrest Athens man for Rape and Sexual Abuse of 15-year old
    Posted: May 13,2016 01:34:43 PM
    May 8 – An Athens man was arrested Friday and charged with Rape 1st Degree and Sexual Abuse 1st Degree. Andres Morales, 25, is currently held in the Limestone County Jail on $40,000 bond. Limestone County sheriff’s investigators were contacted Friday by an agent from the Alabama Department of Human Resources, who had received a complaint from a school counselor that Morales had forcibly had sex with a 15-year old female victim. The investigation determined that Morales had in fact recently raped the victim at a residence on Tucker Lane where she stayed while her parents were out of town. Additionally, the investigation also revealed a previous encounter where Morales had inappropriate sexual contact with the victim. Arrested: Andres Morales, 25 17620 Tucker Lane Athens, AL 35614 Charges/Bond: Rape 1st Degree, bond $25,000 Sexual Abuse 1st Degree, bond $15,000

  • Convicted sex offender from Athens arrested for failure to register
    Posted: May 4,2016 10:22:11 AM
    May 3 – A convicted sex offender living in Athens was arrested Monday for failing to register under the Alabama Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA). Steven Hampton, 36, was booked into the Limestone County Jail, where he is currently held on $15,000 bond. SORNA compliance investigator Steve Croley obtained a warrant for Hampton’s arrest after he failed to register with Limestone County Sheriff’s Office as required during his registration month (April). Arrested: Steven Glenn Hampton, 36 2414 US Highway 31 S Apt. 117 Athens, AL 35611 Charges/Bond: SORNA/Failure of Adult Sex Offender to Register/Comply, bond $15,000

  • Huntsville woman arrested for burglarizing family member's residence
    Posted: May 4,2016 10:21:06 AM
    May 3 – A Huntsville woman was arrested yesterday for burglarizing a family member’s residence in East Limestone on Sunday (May 1). Summer Jones, 20, faces a charge of Burglary 3rd Degree. She has been released from the Limestone County Jail on $2500 bond. The victim’s residence, which is in the 20000 block of East Limestone Road, had been entered forcibly. Three televisions, a gaming console, a shotgun, and cash and change were stolen. Investigators located much of the stolen property at Jones’ residence in Huntsville. The case remains under investigation. Arrested: Summer Lorraine Jones, 20 2216 Harden Avenue Huntsville, AL 35805 Charges/Bond: Burglary 3rd Degree, bond $2500

  • Three arrested in Limestone County drug bust
    Posted: Apr 27,2016 11:04:34 AM
    April 26 – Limestone County sheriff’s narcotics investigators and other deputies executed a search warrant this morning at a residence in the 20000 block of Bonnie Blue Way in Athens. They arrested three people after finding various drugs, precursors, and paraphernalia. Zachary Moore, 32, Cricket Kimbrough, 33, and Randall Black, 45, were arrested on multiple drug charges and warrants as listed below. In the master bedroom of the house, investigators found 32 ephedrine tablets (used to manufacture methamphetamine), 2 syringes full of methamphetamine, 1 xanax bar, 2 subutex pills, 4 bags of methamphetamine weighing over 8 grams, 1 bottle with a small amount of marijuana, and miscellaneous drug paraphernalia. The second bedroom contained 1 syringe full of methamphetamine, 0.5 grams of loose methamphetamine on the dresser, and miscellaneous drug paraphernalia. All three subjects are currently held in the Limestone County Jail. Arrested: Zachary Neil Moore, 32 702 Chestnut Street Athens, AL 35611 Cricket Darlene Kimbrough, 33 20431 Bonnie Blue Way Athens, AL 35614 Charges/Bond (both of the above subjects): Possession with Intent to Distribute (meth), bond $10,000 Possession of Controlled Substance (2 counts), bond $5000 ($2500 per count) Possession of Precursors for Manufacturing (meth), bond $2500 Possession of Marijuana 2nd, bond $1000 Arrested: Randall Lynn Black, 45 23769 Nelson Road Elkmont, AL 35620 Charges/Bond: Possession of Controlled Substance, bond $2500 Domestic Violence 3rd (Menacing), bond $1500 (Alias warrant) Domestic Violence 3rd (Harassment), bond $500 (Alias warrant)

  • Athens man charged with Enticing a Child; more allegations still under investigation
    Posted: Apr 27,2016 11:02:16 AM
    April 26 – Patrick Kelley, 22, of Athens was arrested Friday by Limestone County sheriff’s investigators and charged with Enticing a Child. The incident occurred in Limestone County and was first reported in May 2015. An investigation determined Kelley had lured a three-year old into a bathroom and asked the child to perform oral sex on him. He was booked into the Limestone County Jail and later released on $5000 bond. Further allegations against Kelley are still under investigation.

  • Elkmont man arrested for stealing laptop belonging to Limestone County Schools
    Posted: Apr 27,2016 10:59:39 AM
    April 21 – Limestone County Sheriff’s investigators charged an Elkmont man yesterday for allegedly stealing a laptop computer that belongs to the Limestone County School system. Bryan Owen Vincent, 38, was charged with Theft 3rd Degree. He is currently in the Limestone County Jail, where he was being held on another theft charge at the time of his arrest. Bond for the current charge is $1500; Vincent’s total bond amount on the two charges is $3000. The complainant, who lives in the 26000 block of Mooresville Road, contacted Limestone County Sheriff’s Office on April 19 to report that Vincent had stolen her son’s MacBook at their residence on April 12 (Vincent was arrested on an unrelated theft charge April 13). Her son is a student at Cedar Hill Elementary School in Ardmore. The school system issues MacBook computers to students for them to use during the school year. Vincent had been staying with the complainant and her son, who allegedly saw him take the MacBook and leave the residence. Investigators interviewed Vincent and he confessed to stealing the MacBook “because [he] was high on Xanax.” Investigators have recovered the laptop.

  • Athens man arrested for sex acts with 14-year-old victim 2 years after incident
    Posted: Apr 19,2016 04:45:49 PM
    April 19 – An Athens man was arrested yesterday after an investigation determined he had committed sex acts with a 14-year old victim, who is also a relative. Jesse Putman, 21, is charged with Rape 2nd Degree. He has been released from the Limestone County Jail on $15,000 bond. Limestone County Sheriff’s investigators received the report yesterday through the victim’s school and the Department of Human Resources. The incident allegedly occurred about 2 years ago at the victim’s residence. Putman was 19 at the time.

  • Investigators find crack cocaine, cash, handgun while executing search warrant at Athens residence
    Posted: Apr 14,2016 11:23:40 AM
    April 14 – Limestone County Sheriff’s narcotics investigators arrested an Athens man this morning after executing a residential search warrant on Acorn Hill Circle, where they found crack cocaine along with cash and a handgun. Valentino Houston, 55, who is the occupant of the residence, is charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance. He is currently held in the Limestone County Jail on $2500 bond. During the search, investigators found approximately 2.3 grams of crack cocaine, $1378 cash, and a .380 caliber pistol.

  • Elkmont man arrested after being caught by property owner attempting to steal tools and other equipment
    Posted: Apr 13,2016 04:56:16 PM
    April 13 – An Elkmont man was arrested this morning after a property owner observed him on her property attempting to steal tools and outdoor items. Bryan Owen Vincent, 37, is charged with Theft 3rd Degree. He is currently held in the Limestone County Jail on $1500 bond. The incident occurred just before 7:00 AM in the 25000 block of Thach Road, where deputies were dispatched after the victim and another witness reported seeing Vincent on the property attempting to load the items before seeing them and fleeing in a small car. Deputies located Vincent at the Budget Inn in Athens and transported him to the Sheriff’s Office for an interview. Investigators placed him under arrest around 10:30 this morning. The items Vincent is accused of attempting to take include hand tools, a saw, a drill, cords, chains, wire, cables, a wire cage, a propane tank, a shovel, a bug light, and a weed eater. All of the property, which had an estimated total value of $550, was recovered at the scene.

  • Athens man charged with Robbery after incident on Dairy Road
    Posted: Apr 13,2016 04:52:52 PM
    April 6 – A robbery and assault by three people that occurred on March 30 resulted in the in-jail arrest of an Athens man on Tuesday. Mickey Paulk, 32, was charged with Robbery 2nd. He was since released on $12,500 bond. The victim reported that Paulk had been texting her early in the morning of March 30, and that he came to pick her up. He drove her to Dairy Road, a remote location in the Swan Creek area, where he pulled beside a waiting vehicle. The victim told deputies that two women exited that vehicle, beat her severely, then took her cell phone, boots, purse, and a bag with her clothes, and left her at the end of the road. Paulk also left the scene. The victim walked to a residence to call the Sheriff’s Office. Responding deputies observed injuries consistent with her story, and the cell phone was later recovered on Dairy Road. The texts from Paulk were found on the phone. Paulk had been arrested on a Grand Jury Indictment for a separate charge on Monday, and the Robbery charge was added at the Limestone County Jail. His bond for the other charge was $2500, and bond for the Robbery charge was $10,000.

  • Madison man charged with 1st Degree Rape
    Posted: Apr 13,2016 04:13:30 PM
    April 1 – A Madison man who was arrested yesterday on a Domestic Violence Assault charge now also faces a charge of Rape 1st Degree. Limestone County Sheriff’s investigators arrested Rorey George Otey, 35, yesterday after responding to a complaint at the Athens-Limestone Hospital of a possible rape and assault that occurred earlier yesterday on Segers Road. They initially charged Otey with Domestic Violence Assault 3rd Degree. Upon further investigation, officials gathered more evidence consistent with the report and obtained a warrant for the rape charge. The victim was Otey’s girlfriend, and the incident was witnessed by her three children. Otey is currently held in the Limestone County Jail on $55,000 bond.

  • Neighbor films burglary, two suspects arrested
    Posted: Mar 29,2016 12:49:05 PM
    March 24 – An Athens man and a juvenile were arrested Wednesday after they were filmed burglarizing a vehicle and residence on Harwell Road by a neighbor. Limestone County Sheriff’s investigators arrested Cruz Nava, 19, along with a juvenile and charged them both with Breaking and Entering a Vehicle. The juvenile was also charged with Burglary 3rd Degree. Nava is currently held in the Limestone County Jail on $2500 bond. The two suspects took tools and stereo equipment from the house and vehicle, located in the 17000 block of Harwell Road. Investigators recovered equipment from that burglary and possibly others, and they are still working to identify possible additional victims.

  • Athens man hospitalized, three arrested after severe beating
    Posted: Mar 29,2016 12:47:01 PM
    March 22 – Three Athens residents were arrested Sunday after allegedly beating a man with a brick and a shovel, holding him under water, beating his head against concrete, and shooting at him. The victim was treated for a broken arm and multiple cuts and scratches. Limestone County Sheriff’s investigators arrested Justin Goode, 21, Vickie Goode, 50, and Timothy Gordon, 51. All three subjects are charged with Assault 2nd Degree. Gordon faces an additional charge of Reckless Endangerment. Deputies were dispatched Sunday to a residence on Brownsferry Road in reference to a fight. The victim, who was drenched and bleeding, alleged that the three suspects had brought him to the residence, assaulted and shot at him. He claimed Justin Goode punched and kicked him, beat him with a brick and a shovel, threw him into a wheelbarrow and a swimming pool, then attempted to hold his head under water from the edge of the pool. He also alleged Vickie Goode had slapped and punched him, saying he “[expletive] with the wrong family.” Finally, the victim also stated Timothy Gordon had slammed his head on the concrete and fired shots at him. Evidence from the scene, which included six spent shell casings, a broken shovel handle, and the victim’s condition, supported the victim’s statements. He was transported to Athens Hospital, where he was treated for his injuries. Two of the arrestees claimed the victim had “set up” Justin Goode on a drug arrest that was made at a different residence earlier Sunday morning, and that he was also attempting to plant drugs at the residence on Brownsferry Road. Justin Goode had bonded out on drug possession and paraphernalia charges Sunday afternoon. Vickie Goode and Timothy Gordon have been released on bond. Justin Goode remains in the Limestone County Jail at this time. The case is currently still under investigation.

  • Narcotics investigators seize over half a pound of "ice" methamphetamine, make 3 arrests
    Posted: Mar 29,2016 12:44:28 PM
    March 18 – Limestone County Sheriff’s narcotics investigators made three arrests this evening and confiscated about 9.5 ounces of “ice” methamphetamine, a meth lab, drug paraphernalia, and a few prescription pills. Kevin Bowden, 46, Donald Key, 50, and Penny Norwood, 56, were arrested at a residence on Barker Road after investigators executed a search warrant there and found the drugs and associated items. The seized “ice” methamphetamine has an approximate street value of $9000. Bowden and Key were arrested for Trafficking Methamphetamine, Unlawful Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance 1st, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Norwood was arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. All three subjects are currently held in the Limestone County Jail. Bond has not been set at the time of this release.

  • Second East Limestone High School employee arrested for sexual relationship with student; incident unrelated to previous arrest
    Posted: Mar 29,2016 12:41:56 PM
    March 17 – Limestone County Sheriff’s investigators have arrested Devin Robinson, 23, for School Employee Engaging in a Sex Act with a Student. Devin Rumal Robinson is currently in the Limestone County Jail on $5000 bond. Investigators had received information about a possible relationship between Robinson, who is employed at East Limestone High School, and a student at the school. They arrested Robinson this afternoon after several days of investigation.

  • Investigators solve January armed robbery, arrest 2 suspects
    Posted: Mar 29,2016 12:38:07 PM
    March 15 – Limestone County Sheriff’s investigators have made two arrests in the January robbery that occurred at Abby’s Mini Mart at 25510 Nick Davis Road. David Allen Williamson, 23, and Adrian Neal Horton, 25, are both charged with Robbery 1st Degree. They are held in the Limestone County Jail on $20,000 bond each. On January 8, about 7:00 PM, Limestone County Sheriff’s Office responded to Abby’s Mini Mart, where a clerk had been robbed at gunpoint and the gunman had taken cash ($350 according to the report) from the cash register. The suspect then made the clerk lie down while he ran out to a waiting car. Investigators recovered a handgun magazine from the floor as well as video and fingerprint evidence from the scene. The ensuing investigation determined that Williamson was the driver of the vehicle and Horton was the gunman who robbed the store.

  • Instructional assistant at East Limestone High School arrested for sexual relationship with student
    Posted: Mar 29,2016 12:33:24 PM
    March 14 – An employee at East Limestone High School was arrested Friday after an investigation determined he had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a 17-year old female student. Trey Alton Stinson, 24, was arrested and charged with School Employee Engaging in a Sex Act with a Student. He has been released from the Limestone County Jail on $5000 bond. The investigation began when a third party notified the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office of the possible inappropriate relationship. Stinson has been employed as an instructional assistant at East Limestone High School since the beginning of this school year.

  • Search warrant executed at Tanner residence yields cocaine, marijuana
    Posted: Mar 29,2016 12:30:03 PM
    March 10 – A search warrant executed by Limestone County Sheriff’s narcotics investigators and a K9 unit from the Limestone Correctional Facility led to the arrest of a Tanner man this morning. Damien Kenyontist Sims, 37, was arrested and charged with Distribution of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Marijuana 2nd. He is currently held in the Limestone County Jail, and his bond has not been set at the time of this release. Around 8:45 this morning, deputies and the K9 officer executed the search warrant on Stewart Road in Tanner. They seized approximately 12.4 grams of cocaine, a set of digital scales, a small amount of marijuana, and a jar of cash totaling $2108.00.

  • Inmate destroys property on multiple occasions at Limestone County Jail
    Posted: Mar 29,2016 12:27:33 PM
    March 9 – An inmate in the Limestone County Jail faces additional charges after destroying jail property on several occasions between Saturday and Tuesday. Austin Baker Young, 33, of Huntsville was originally arrested on drug and public intoxication charges by Athens Police Department early Saturday morning. He now faces four counts of Destruction of State Property in addition to those charges. Since his arrest, Young has been uncooperative and refused to obey orders from jail staff. Around 12:45 PM Saturday, he broke the sprinkler head in the ceiling of his cell, causing some flooding in the cell. Then around 2:05 Sunday morning, Young ripped a telephone off the wall in the booking area and used it to strike a glass window multiple times, breaking both the phone and the window. Young was then placed in a holding cell and fitted with a set of stun cuffs, a device that straps to the arm or leg of an inmate and is capable of delivering an electrical charge similar to that of a taser. He was informed of the purpose of the cuffs, but he was able to break the strap that secures the device to the arm or leg. Monday morning around 7:30, Young tore the sink from the wall of his cell. Maintenance workers were called to remove the remaining hardware for his safety. However, later that afternoon he was able to break the supply lines to the sink, causing more flooding. Even after maintenance personnel removed and capped as many of the remaining lines as possible, Young managed to break a hot water pipe off into the cell wall sometime early Tuesday morning. The total cost of the damage is still being determined at this time. Young posted $24,000 bond for all his charges and was released Tuesday evening.

  • Athens man arrested after child tests positive for cocaine
    Posted: Mar 29,2016 12:24:36 PM
    March 8 – Limestone County Sheriff’s Office investigators arrested an Athens man yesterday after both he and his one-year-old child tested positive for cocaine during a DHR investigation. James Henry Chandler, 46, was arrested and charged with Chemical Endangerment of a Child. He is currently in the Limestone County Jail; bond has not been set at the time of this release. DHR had received a report about unsanitary conditions at the residence, where Chandler, his fiancé, and four children were living. During the course of their investigation, both Chandler and the youngest child, who had recently turned 1 year old, tested positive for cocaine. Chandler told investigators someone must have planted cocaine in [his] food and a pain pill in [his] drink to frame him. He also said that the same person must have also planted the drugs in his child’s system.

  • Man arrested for stealing scrap metal and selling it at Tennessee Valley Recycling
    Posted: Mar 7,2016 08:27:34 AM
    February 29 – A Lexington, Alabama man was arrested on Sunday for allegedly stealing scrap items from a residential property in Limestone County and selling it at Tennessee Valley Recycling. David Simpson, 35, was arrested Sunday (February 28) on a warrant obtained by Limestone County Sheriff’s investigators. He is charged with Theft 3rd Degree. The victim, who lives in the 13000 block of Elk River Mills Road, had noticed 18 heater cores, some copper wire, and 4 batteries, all valued at $640, missing from his property. He went to TVR and found his property, then reported the theft to Limestone County Sheriff’s deputies on February 24. Investigators retrieved evidence from TVR and obtained the arrest warrant on Simpson. He is currently in the Limestone County Jail on $1500 bond.

  • Narcotics investigators locate well-hidden marijuana grow operation, also find black tar heroin
    Posted: Mar 7,2016 08:22:34 AM
    February 26 – Narcotics investigators with the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office discovered a well-hidden marijuana growing operation Thursday evening at a residence on McLemore Circle in East Limestone. Jarrod Bowling, 28, of Harvest was arrested and faces charges of Drug Trafficking, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. He is currently held in the Limestone County Jail. Bond has not been set at the time of this press release. Deputies were executing a search warrant when they discovered a small divided cultivation room hidden behind a false wall. They seized 14 marijuana plants, a small amount of black tar heroin, numerous items of drug paraphernalia, items used to cultivate marijuana, items used to manufacture cannabis oil, $500 cash, and approximately one pound of high-grade marijuana that had already been cultivated, as well as two shotguns.

  • Tip leads investigators to 3 suspects from September 2015 armed robbery
    Posted: Mar 7,2016 08:19:12 AM
    February 29 – A recent credible tip helped Limestone County Sheriff’s investigators solve an armed robbery that occurred in East Limestone last fall. Diego Mejia, 27, Andre Brooks, 28, and Deonte Clark, 32, were all charged with Robbery 1st Degree and booked into the Limestone County Jail Thursday and Friday. Their bond was set at $20,000 each. Deonte Clark has bonded out; the other two suspects remain in jail. On September 25, a handgun and cash were taken at gunpoint from the store attendant at the A&D Food Mart, which is located at the corner of Copeland Road and East Limestone Road. Until recently, no leads had led investigators to the suspects. The investigation determined that Clark had driven the others to the store, dropped them off, and picked them up nearby a few minutes later. Allegedly, Brooks was the gunman, holding the clerk at gunpoint while Mejia took the cash.

  • Virginia man attempts to get a ride from a deputy while trafficking drugs, including heroin
    Posted: Feb 22,2016 09:29:44 PM
    February 22 - A Limestone County deputy found black tar heroin and numerous other drugs, along with paraphernalia and bags used for distribution, in the possession of a Virginia man who asked for a ride in Athens Friday. Alex Wiley Smith, 38, was charged with Possession of Marijuana 1st Degree, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Drug Trafficking. He is held in the Limestone County Jail on $57,500 bond. While refueling his patrol vehicle at the Shell station at the intersection of U.S. Highway 72 and I-65, the deputy was asked by a clerk if he could give Smith a ride to Wal-Mart. Smith consented to a search of his person prior to being given the courtesy transport, and the deputy found two suboxone strips in his pocket. Smith had a backpack and two duffel bags with him, and further investigation yielded the following items: a container with 0.5 grams of methamphetamine, 6.4 grams of marijuana, 0.7 grams of crystals (to be identified after further testing), 5 baggies containing 5.2 grams of black tar heroin, a “ball” of black tar heroin weighing 13.2 grams, 18 needles, 1 cooking spoon, 2 smoking pipes for marijuana, 1 smoking pipe for methamphetamine, 1 grinder, and a large quantity of plastic baggies commonly used for packaging small amounts of narcotics. Narcotics investigators responded after Smith’s arrest and performed field tests on the drugs.

  • DNA blood test results lead to arrest of Mississippi man for 2015 Limestone County burglary
    Posted: Feb 22,2016 09:24:59 PM
    February 22 - A DNA test on blood found at a Limestone County burglary scene last May led to the arrest of a Mississippi man on Thursday. Andrew Keith Gadbaw, 28, of Corinth, MS is charged with Burglary 3rd Degree. He is held in the Limestone County Jail on $2500 bond. In May of 2015, Limestone County Sheriff’s deputies took a report of a burglary at Meredith Industries on U.S. Highway 72. About $1000 worth of tools and some gas had been taken from a shed on the property. Investigators responded and located blood at the scene, which they sent to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences for testing. On January 27, Limestone County Sheriff’s Office investigators received a letter from the Forensics Department confirming the blood belonged to Gadbaw. They obtained a warrant for Gadbaw, who was in jail in Alcorn County, Mississippi. On February 18, Limestone County Sheriff’s deputies transported Gadbaw from the facility in Mississippi to the Limestone County Jail.

  • 51 meth labs, stolen gun, young child found in Athens residence after a tip to DHR; couple charged
    Posted: Jan 20,2016 11:07:11 AM
    January 15 – Limestone County Sheriff’s Office investigators arrested an Athens couple yesterday after they found over 50 meth labs and a stolen gun inside the couple’s residence, where a child was also staying. Alabama DHR had received a complaint alleging that a juvenile was living in a residence where methamphetamine was regularly manufactured. They contacted Limestone County Sheriff’s Office and requested to have deputies respond with them to Carey Road to investigate the complaint. Investigators contacted Stanley Scott and Dustie George, along with their child, at the residence and observed a marijuana bong sitting on a shelf in plain view. After getting consent to search the residence, they located 51 methamphetamine labs, approximately 8.5 grams of methamphetamine, six firearms (one of which was stolen), miscellaneous controlled prescription medicine, and large amounts of paraphernalia and items used to manufacture methamphetamine. Investigators arrested Stanley Scott, 29, and Dustie George, 23, and charged them with Manufacturing a Controlled Substance 1st, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession with Intent to Distribute a Controlled Substance, Chemical Endangerment of a Child, Receiving Stolen Property 2nd, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. The child was released to a family member by DHR. Stanley Scott and Dustie George are currently held in the Limestone County jail. Bond has not been set on all charges at this time.

  • Narcotics investigators arrest Elkmont woman on drug charges
    Posted: Jan 13,2016 08:57:47 AM
    January 12 - Narcotics investigators arrested an Elkmont woman during a traffic stop in Athens on January 12. Dana Springer, 24, was arrested by Limestone County Sheriff's Office investigators after they found 9 syringes, scales, a marijuana cigar (or "blunt"), and a syringe with methamphetamine inside it. She is charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Springer is held in the Limestone County Jail on $6000 bond.

  • Thefts in Limestone, Madison Counties lead to arrest of Ardmore man
    Posted: Jan 12,2016 09:04:05 PM
    January 12 - Multiple thefts in Limestone County led investigators to an Ardmore residence, where a search yielded three motorcycles and two trailers stolen from Limestone County, as well as six guns and another motorcycle stolen from Madison County. Investigators with Limestone County Sheriff's Office arrested John Steven Whitworth, 31, of Ardmore on January 11th and charged him with Burglary 3rd Degree, Theft 3rd Degree, and two counts of Theft 1st Degree. The three motorcycles had been reported stolen from Midway Cycles on December 28th. The first utility trailer was reported stolen December 30th from a residence on Rocky Hill Lane. The second utility trailer, reported stolen December 31st, was taken from a residence on Highway 251 in Toney. Investigators with Ardmore Police Department, Huntsville Police Department, Madison County Sheriff's Office, and Limestone County Sheriff's Office executed a search warrant for Whitworth's residence on 6th Street in Ardmore on January 8th, where they recovered the stolen property from Huntsville and Madison County as well as from Limestone County. Whitworth is currently held in the Limestone County Jail on $13,500 bond.